Do I have to have a blog in order to apply?

Yes. The age of your blog isn’t important, but you must have a blog set up before you submit your application. Su Casa will be interested in seeing how the furniture you’re testing will incorporate with your current blog.


What if I don’t live in Baltimore?

That’s ok! Su Casa delivers up and down the east coast and will be happy to have bloggers in a variety of locations.


How many bloggers will be participating?

The number of participants will depend on the number of qualified entries. We will have at least one blogger for each furniture category.


Do I have to pay for anything to participate?

No costs! Win or Lose! If you can’t stand your furniture by the end of the competition, you can return it. If you have fallen in love, you can keep it for 50%!


When will the contest be taking place?

  • February 29th: Applications are due
  • March: Select your furniture
  • April-May: Furniture will be delivered to your house (timing depends on lead-time of the specific furniture item).
  • June: Blog your Furniture!
  • Winner announced July 1st!


Do I get to pick out the furniture I will be testing?

Yes – you will be able to select the furniture from one of your preferred categories. The style, finish, upholstery, everything – this piece will be completely your choice.


How often do I need to blog?

The best bloggers will post daily during the month of June. There are no restrictions on the types or lengths of posts. See below for how a winner will be selected.


How will the winner be chosen?

Su Casa will be selecting a winner based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Quality and frequency of posts
  • Feedback/Commentary on your posts
  • Traffic from your site back to Su Casa’s website


Isn’t this all a little subjective?

Yes, but think of this like art. You can’t define art, but you know it when you see it! We can’t tell you specifically how to write your blog to win the contest, but you should know that by being selected to participate, your blog is already on the right track.


What happens if I damage the furniture?

Well, we’re hoping that you are trying to win this competition and would treat the furniture as if you had already won.
Basically accidents are ok, negligence is not. If you get excited because Tiger just won the US Open and you spill your wine, we’ll help you get it cleaned up. Don’t use the dining table you’re testing for the college reunion beer pong tournament. We think you get the picture.

The objective of this contest if for you to publicly demonstrate how it works here at Su Casa, the whole experience, the good and the bad. We want this to be an example for everyone to read about what we do here day in and day out at Su Casa. We want honesty, we want sincerity, we want creativity.